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The Basics

Web push technology sends little pop-up notifications from your website to your subscribers’ computer or mobile device. Website or e-Commerce site owners use push notifications to interact with their users and to instantly deliver relevant content or offerings to their target audience. Messages can be customized and targeted to specific audiences. Each notification displays your website logo and customized text.

That’s the beauty of push message notifications – users will receive messages as long as they are online. The messages appear on their mobile devices or any supported browser, so it doesn’t matter if they have left your site.

Yes, as long as the user is using a compatible browser. FoxPush is supported by the most common mobile browsers, such as Android browser and Chrome.

They’re quite similar and work in exactly the same way. Whereas mobile push notifications come from applications installed on your mobile device, web push notifications come from your website. The message will contain your website icon alongside the notification text, and users can click on it to be taken right to your website.

Currently FoxPush can be used with Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox support push notifications. Microsoft Edge will soon be supported as well.

Not at all! We’ve done all of the coding for you, so all you have to do is copy and paste one line into your website, and you’ll be ready to begin sending messages.

You can use push notifications to offer all kinds of benefits and services that your users would be interested in. Have an e-Commerce site? You can offer a discount on their next purchase. Hosting an upcoming webinar? Send a registration reminder. Run a local spots blog? Keep users updated on playoff scores. There are infinite possibilities

Yes! Our advance audience segmentation capabilities allow you to target subscribers based on their website behavior, their geographic location, internet service provider/speed, and even the type of device they’re using.

Push messages have a higher click-through rate than most conventional marketing tools, making them a valuable and efficient way to drive traffic to your website and build loyalty. Plus, they are more efficient — they require less content, are delivered instantly, and don’t require any designing or coding.  

The difference is in the details. Only FoxPush offers the most advanced audience segmentation capabilities and cutting-edge technology at the best price. You can see a detailed list of features here:

The Details

Yes! You can write any text you want up to 80 characters (plus an additional 32 for the subject). FoxPush even enables the use of emojis to enhance your message.

Messages are received instantly, so you can reach your subscriber in real-time. You can also schedule messages in advance (see the next question).

You can schedule messages in advance, or set up messages to be automatically sent following certain website behavior, such as a user’s first visit or a purchase.

We have more than 1,000 servers running at all times to serve you, so you can send over 1 million notifications at a time and rest assured they will be received by all of your subscribers within a few seconds.

When users visit your site, the browser will display a small window prompting them to register. They must do so in order to received web push notifications. Once they’ve subscribed, notifications you send will be displayed on the subscriber’s screen, even when they’re not on your website.

It’s quick and simple to send a push notification directly from the FoxPush dashboard. There are prompts to guide you and you will be able to see a preview of your message before you send it.  

Definitely. You will be notified immediately when a user subscribes for push notifications. We will also send you reports on the click-through rates of each messaging campaign, as well as weekly and monthly activity summaries.

The Costs

FoxPush is pleased to offers its basic service at no charge. Premium and business accounts, which have the more advanced targeting and sending features, do entail a cost.

Our model has three account options, which range from $0-200+ monthly. You can find all of the pricing details at:

The premium and business plans come with unlimited push notifications. The basic plan includes 1,500,000 free push notifications per month.  

You will be notified once you hit 50,000 subscribers. You will then have the choice to keep the basic account or upgrade to a premium or business account. If you choose to retain the basic account, only your first 50,000 subscribers will receive your push notifications, but you will still be able to add subscribers.  

We only want you to pay for the service you need and nothing more. You can change your plan any time directly from the FoxPush admin settings, and the change will take effect with the next payment cycle.

The Technical Stuff

FoxPush runs on a simple script that won’t slow down the loading speed of your webpages.  

No. FoxPush works on both http and https sites.

Yes. FoxPush supports multiple subdomains websites, without any additional work necessary on your part.

Certain websites are prohibited from using FoxPush technology. Please refer to our terms and conditions for details: