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Getting Started

  • Sign up for free.
  • Verify your email address and activate your account.
  • Sign in to your FoxPush account.

  • Make sure you are logged into FoxPush.
  • From the navigation panel on the admin dashboard, click on Settings and then on Customize to start building the notification box to register subscribers.
  • From the customize screen, you can modify the content of your subscription box. Change the box title, notification box message, and notification box location on your website.
  • From the navigation panel, click on CSS settings to customize the notification box colors. Select the box background, message font, button background, and button font colors.
  • From the navigation panel, click on Default Icons to modify the icon that will appear in your subscription box and the icon that will appear on your subscription page.
  • From the navigation panel, click on Welcome Message to create a personal note users will get upon subscribing.

Once you’ve customized your notification box settings, you’re ready to start recruiting subscribers.

  • From the navigation panel, click on Settings and then on Generate Code.
  • Copy the code.
  • If you want the subscription notification box to show up on all of your site’s pages, paste the code onto your website before the </head> closing tag. If you want it to only show up on specific pages, paste the code only on the desired pages.

Creating a web notification campaign is simple.

  • In the Quick Links panel, click on New Campaign.
  • Under Campaign Details, add a campaign name for your personal use. Your subscribers will not see this name; it will only be shown in your reports.
  • Add a campaign title that will appear on the push notification your subscribers receive.
  • Add the campaign message, which will appear in the push notification box.
  • Add a URL that users will be taken to when they click on your push notification.
  • In the bottom right corner of the screen, choose whether to use the default icon or add a new one to use in this campaign.
  • In the bottom left corner of the screen, select targeting criteria or choose to include all subscribers in the campaign.
  • From the Action button, click Preview to see the push notification before sending.
  • From the Action button, click Submit to send your push notification.

With FoxPush, you can format your push notifications as survey questions, and you can save user response data for more specific targeting.

Receive real-time feedback on product lines, features, and services by sending a question with two answer options

  • When creating a new campaign, put the question in the notification message.
  • Find the Survey Option on the right–hand side and click on Enable Survey.
  • List each answer option Under Option 1 and Option 2.
  • For each answer option, add a URL that leads to a page with a segment pixel. This will allow you to target users who have answered your question a specific way.

  • For example: Q: Are you male or female?
    Option 1: Male       URL:
    Option 2: Female  URL:
    Data will be saved so you can target certain messages to only males or only females.

  • If you don’t add a segment pixel to the URLs, you will still get a report of the survey answers, but the segment will not be recorded for further targeting. If you added segment codes in the URLs, you will get a survey answer report and the segment will be stored for future use.

You can segment your subscriber list to more specifically target who specific messages.

  • From the navigation panel, click on Segmentation and then New Segment.
  • Add a name for this segment.
  • Select the type of segmentation from the drop-down list.
  • Copy and paste the code to the sections/pages from which you would like to group subscribers.

After adding the segment code, FoxPush will start grouping subscribers who visited the tagged pages according to the segment you created.

You can target these segments in a campaign by choosing the segment name from the list of segments in the campaign settings.

FoxPush can be deployed on any third-party tag manager, such as Google Tag Manager.

  • From the navigation panel, select Generate Code..
  • Copy the code.
  • Go to the third-party tag manager and select add HTML Tag.
  • Paste the FoxPush code into the HTML box.
  • Make sure the code is added to all pages or to the sections/pages on which you would like the subscription push notification to appear.
  • Save and generate tag.

FoxPush offers 3 billing plans:

  • With the Basic plan, you can send notifications to 50,000 subscribers at no cost.
  • With the Premium plan, you can send notifications to 100,000 subscribes for $49 per month.
  • With the Business plan, you can send notifications to more than 200,000 subscribers for $199 per month.
You can find for more details about each plan on the prices page.

You can easily upgrade your plan based on your changing needs.

  • From the home screen on your admin dashboard, select the Upgrade Now button.
  • Choose your desired plan.
  • If choosing the Business plan, select the number of subscribers to whom you would like to send notifications.
  • Select your payment option to be taken to a secure payment gateway.

You can easily downgrade your plan based on your changing needs.

  • From the home screen on your admin dashboard, select the downgrade button “ this will show to paid accounts only “.
  • Choose to cancel your current plan with FoxPush.
  • Go to your payment gateway and cancel the existing payment plan schedule.
  • Go back to your FoxPush account and choose your desired plan.

Downgrading your account won’t have any affect on your account saved subscribers data collected during your previous plan

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