Quality, Direct Inventory at Scale

Assured Brand Safe Inventory & Scale For Quality Advertising

Our quality advertising inventory is both brand safe and diverse spanning across a wide range of verticals. Having your ads appear in the appropriate context is important for reaching your target audience, protecting your brand image, and ultimately, achieving your marketing objectives.

23 Billion

Over 23 billion daily display, audio and video ad requests.


Listed as a top Direct partner on domains with ads.txt.


In-line with CCPA and GDPR.

Quality, Direct Inventory at Scale

Access to Publisher-Direct Web Supply for The Best Results

Why Direct Publisher Integrations Matter:

Most Efficient Rates

Less supply chain fees than resellers equates to more efficient ad spend.

Quality Control

Selected by our team of experts based on strict quality standards.

Better Match Rates

Our focus on direct publisher integrations leads to better match rates than other exchanges that achieve scale through resold inventory.

Better Inventory

Direct publisher integrations & always ads.txt verified.

Invaluable Human Support
with a Focus on Top-Tier Sites

We leverage industry-standard tools to audit and filter our supply in real-time. Our supply team works closely with publishers to optimize their ad stack and advertising inventory so it is accurately represented and your campaigns are delivered efficiently.

Over 1,000 Integrations


Deliver your banner ads on premium, brand safe environments across all verticals.


Deliver your video ads across Sharethrough’s high-quality and diverse video inventory.


Deliver on any campaign strategy with native ads that perfectly match the form and function of any site.


Reach your audience on all the major audio streaming platforms and generate awareness for your offer.


Target your audience outside of regular devices, with Connected TV, or, even better, on the street.