Why FoxPush

The difference is in the details. Only FoxPush offers the most advanced audience segmentation capacity and cutting-edge technology.

Optimize delivery time.

We send your messages to subscribers when you want them to be received. Select either instant delivery – there’s no delay – or preschedule a message to be sent at the date and time of your choice.

Send specially targeted messages based on user activity.

Craft messages to automatically be sent to users based on their website activity. Send discounts for a second purchase, welcome messages for first time visitors, and more.

Use our polls to get user feedback and make data-driven decisions.

Only FoxPush provides the latest in push notification technology: polling services. Ask your subscribers what they want or get their opinions about your offerings so you can make data-based decisions.

Get the right message to the right subscriber.

One message does not fit all! FoxPush lets you segment your recipient list based on location, internet speed, internet provider, and even mobile device brand.

We give you the greatest value at the most competitive price.

Our basic plan is free and has hips of features with everything needed to get started, , including the ability to send Unlimited notifications to an unlimited number of subscribers. And our package upgrades offer far more than you can even Imagine!

It’s so simple to use.

You don’t need to design your own app to get your message out. With FoxPush, you can start sending messages to your subscribers in just three minutes. And there’s no need to adjust your website – FoxPush works with any http/https site; no SSL required,

Better methods get better results.

Notifications sent through FoxPush have an average click-through rate of 25-30%. That’s higher than traditional advertising, which typically generates a 0.5-2% click-through rate.