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Say Goodbye to wasteful marketing

Say Goodbye to wasteful marketing

Marketers spend a fortune getting customers to their website. But once they’ve left, that’s often the end of it. Even if they buy, marketers have limited contact with them and usually only via email - which is easily ignored or poorly tailored (with average click-through rates of just 3-5%). FoxPush adds a new dimension to the sales cycle - letting you re-connect with visitors after the’ve left your website. Even better, it’s targeted and trackable.

Foxpush benefits for Publishers

Maximise engagement

Once someone’s subscribed, you can build the relationship – using our dynamic and sophisticated platform to boost opt-in rates, learn more about your readers, then keep them engaged with relevant content.

Communicate instantly

Send your most engaging content the moment it happens – whether it’s breaking news, stock market updates, sports scores, weather forecasts or election-day results. We help you target content to perfection.


Tailor your notifications to relevant subscribers at ideal times – when you know your audience is most active and likely to engage.

High CTRs

All this means typical click-through rates (CTRs) are up to 30%, so it’s easy to increase return visits and page views.


If the main reason for building an app is to send instant notifications, then FoxPush is a much cheaper, more dynamic option.

generating revenue

Launch advertising campaigns or partnered promotions to your subscribers with the possibility of adding clickable banners. Then track performance to evolve your targeting.

RSS Feeds

Keep readers up to date with all your latest news by integrating your RSS feeds. You can notify your subscribers without lifting a finger.


Increase your subscriber’s attention by personalizing the content you are sending and adding variables such as his name, title, ...


Aim at users that have visited a particular page or that have read a specific piece of content

How does it work?

Just like app push notifications, web push notifications pop up on-screen for instant interaction. You can reach out to your subscribers anytime, anywhere – on desktop, tablets, as well as mobile devices. And the messages are even more unmissable; if the device is turned off, it automatically pops up the moment it’s turned back on.

To push your engagement with readers to the next level use foxpush

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